About me

Foreign languages and cultures –  they have intrigued me since I was a child. As a teenager I loved spending my summer holidays with British and French host families. At the age of 18 I participated in an exchange program with AFS and spent a year in Pamplona, Spain. I sincerely  believe that this way of learning a language, by means of a total immersion, is the best way to learn. And as a plus, you get to know the culture from the inside. During my exchange year in Spain, I fell in love with the Spanish language and culture. Pamplona feels like my second home, Spanish like my second mother tongue.

When I got back to Belgium after that year, I decided to study languages. I obtained my master degree as a Translator and Interpreter for Dutch, English and Spanish in 1994.  After having been a language teacher for over a year, I chose for a business career.

This new step in my career gave me the opportunity to study Russian! First I travelled to Moscow, where I took an intensive course in Russian.  Afterwards, my job facilitated fast learning, thanks to daily contacts with Russian-speaking customers, regular business trips to Russia and Ukraine, … And again, I enjoyed the profound immersion, because it was very enriching, both culturally and professionally.

My affection for foreign languages and everything attached to them has always played an important role in my life.  That was the reason why, in 2015, I decided to start working as a freelance translator and interpreter: back to basics, back to the roots, to what I enjoy most of all!