Undoubtedly, conference interpreters are the most commonly known amongst interpreters.  They translate the message of the speaker during a conference or a meeting simultaneously. Participants are equipped with headphones, through which they can follow the speech or presentation in their own language.

But that is not the only situation in which interpreters can come in handy. My experience in a business environment taught me how important the presence of an interpreter is when foreign customers or stakeholders come to visit. People often try to communicate in a common ‘foreign’ language, mostly English, but often the quality of the communication turns out to be poor. An interpreter can help the interlocutors to understand each other perfectly, by means of simultaneous (chuchotage) or consecutive translation.  Chuchotage means that the interpreter whispers the translation to the listener while the other person is speaking, simultaneously. We speak about consecutive interpretation when the interpreter gives the participants in a conversation the opportunity to make their point and translates the messages after a couple of sentences.  Chuchotage as well as consecutive interpretation facilitates interaction.  And you can be sure there are no misunderstandings!

In times like these, we don’t need to travel to have international contacts. Nowadays, companies organize conference calls to stay in contact with partners or customers abroad. An interpreter can be very useful here too.

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